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On a quest for cultural maturity and stewardship of our planet

The Youth & Elders Project was born out of a dream in 2011. Three of us got together around the belief that there is an untapped potential in the exchange between youth and elders. This led to our first voyage of discovery aboard a Tall Ship in June 2012. 28 people of mixed ages, nationalities and backgrounds joined us as we explored the meaning of growing up in our world today. A vast amount of inspiring conversations about Youth and Eldership and about bigger themes such as cultural maturity swept over our ship and our project has grown into a living learning space for intergenerational exchange.

Today the Youth & Elders Project hosts journeys of discovery for people of all ages and all walks of life. The journeys can be physical or metaphorical and can take place anywhere in the world. The heart of the journeys is a facilitated process to capture the full richness of intergeneratinal exchange and support everyone, young and old, to step into their potential. To hear more about our work or to hire us to facilitate an intergenerational exchange in your community or workplace, contact us and we'll do everything in our power to help tailor an offer to your needs.

What can a journey look like?

The video above is from a journey in June 2012 where we set sail on a Tall Ship in the Baltic Sea to rekindle the relationship between Youth and Elders. Seth Reynolds and Ane Mari Aakernes joined our crew of 28 voyager to share their passion for bringing about a better world. During the voyage they created this video to document the adventure. Click here to see it in a higher resolution on Vimeo: The Youth & Elders Voyage, June 2012.

Like all our voyages, the journey in June 2012 strove to clarify the unique and diverse value in being human in all stages of growth, to honor that only by combining the push for change with the wisdom of maturity can we tackle the challenges of our time.

We look forward to exploring the future of Youth and Elders with you.

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Video diary from Y&E 2012

When we set sail in June 2012 we were fortunate to have two video makers onboard with us. Ane Mari Aakernes and Seth Reynolds joined us with their full presence and a set of cameras that they used to document our trip. Seth took on the momentous task of editing the material and he recently finished a great 6 minute video that gives you a bit of insight into the atmosphere on our voyage.

Click to see the video on Vimeo.

And thanks again to Seth and Ane Mari for making it come to life. (…)

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View our project pdf:

View our project pdf:
“We live in a world that has lost the art of managing time. The more ‘developed’ we become, the more harassed and ‘time poor’ our culture becomes. We have lost the long view, the understanding of sustainability over at least seven generations. The Youth and Elder project honours the role of the elder in our culture and restores our appreciation of time.”

- Maddy Harland, UK, Editor of the Permaculture Magazine ,

“I am SO thrilled to see this coming to life… Your invitation to play is beautifully framed and “right on.” I hope this voyage of discovery will seed a global movement to bring youth and elders together on behalf of our beloved planet and our common futures. It’s happening!”

– Juanita Brown, Tomales, California, co-founder of The World Café

“I will stay connected to this project, as the conversation about wisdom, walking towards maturity, eldership, stewardship and working together — as youth and olders, across all types of dimensions — really calls me now.”

– Mary-Alice Arthur, New Zealand Steward, Art of Hosting

The idea is excellent. I think. A little a la The Youth House goes into partnership with the DaneAge Association. If you were to put it a little black and white.

– Uffe Elbæk, Minister of Culture, Denmark


Rekindling the timeless bond between Youth and Elders